Boundless Heart

The selfless posture
Man walks alone, eyes wide open, not depending on anyone and remaining honest.
The Path is above all knowing how to live and how to die.
Man on his own is responsible for his thoughts, his words, and his actions.
Nobody can breathe in his place.
There is nobody above him and nobody below him.
There is nothing and no-one to worship, no ideology.
Do not look for or imagine any Buddha, any heavenly state, any merit,
any enlightenment or reward of any kind.
When one is sincere in one’s breathing and posture,
one is sincere in everything.
When one is authentic in one’s breathing, one is authentic in thought, speech and action.
Thus, without practice, all spirituality is nothing but dream, illusion, and mental projection.
This posture is neither Zen nor Buddhist nor Christian.
It is the liberation of everything that has been locked up so carefully
in the habits of this body.
It is silent and selfless contemplation.
Being a monk does not mean that one has to be part of a religion.
It is a matter between Buddha and Buddha, between person and person.
Do not be imprisoned within the old images of a fossilized past.
Simply move forward and actualize your Awakened nature.