We are enlightened since the origin

That we are enlightened since the origin is an evidence but if we ignore this, we wander astray on the paths of the ignorance of our own Spirit. We then commit obscure and harmful acts which create our own chains which passions, attachments, arrogance and all the other forms of suffering are.

The practice of silent and disinterested sitting, it is not a predisposition to awakening or a method to attain anything whatsoever. During zazen, one does not settle in a posture anticipating some form or other of awakening. Simply, if it does manifest, be present, and when it does not, also be present. Everywhere and in all things, simply be awake.
To be awake, is to eat when hungry and sleep when tired.
When, both body and mind are abandoned, relinquished, then unity acts of itself in itself, without being either exterior or interior. We must echo the natural as it presents itself and act unaffectedly with the circumstances, knowing that the greatest obstacles to our true freedom are fear and vanity (or pride).
Our spirit should maintain its flexibility on all occasions, whether one is dressing, working, speaking or acting in whatever way it might be, using our five senses.