Vision II

To sit in the great Mystery is to leave it to Itself without leaving any human trace, Body-Spirit offered as a supreme gift to this great Mystery from which all spirit-bodies appeared.
We think that the mind is this or it is not that, but, in truth, the mind with its consciousness is only a nascent and vanishing phenomenon.
However, the great Spirit or Infinite Consciousness animates all things and is our true Source.
To merge with it, we must get rid of everything that is not it.
Once done, it is he who acts, thinks and speaks through me.
So, I am the expression of It and not of me.
When It is me, then I am this.
But this can not enter the human brain that takes itself for its own creation.
The problem with the brain is that it has two parts and these two parts are always in conflict. This is what we call duality. And the most laughable is that it is this same duality that speaks of Unity, wisdom-knowledge and mystical or simply human experiences.
What a pity!
Today’s world dominates the Great Mystery by technological success and the miracles of medicine and science.
Philosophers support and uphold these high values ​​by taking them for truth and glorifying their effects.
The Americans (Englishman) have thus glorified the iron carts, the powerful weapons, the gold and the glory of God by exterminating the Native Americans.
Man only sees through his ignorance by repeating the mistakes made in the past. Few have the courage to break the shell of ignorance to penetrate the true Ignorance, that of a pure Heart, that of the great Mystery of which the Natives spoke.
The man is so far away from what he really is that his ears are unable to hear, his eyes unable to see, his hands unable to be transparent and his head unable to think life.
He forgets that his head is just the past of the body, and that, cut off from his body, his head is only a pinhead suspended from an infinite vanity.

If you do not return to the Source, you will dry up like a pond in the middle of the desert.

The truth is not what we think or say. This is what our Heart expresses.