Vision I

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself.

Man is full of certainties, arrogance and vanity. He thinks he knows everything and mixes with everything and nothing.
The small screen is full of these little people with oversized skulls that cackle and mimic forest monkeys.
To know is not to see and to believe is not to possess the great faith in what we really are.
We just stupidly repeat what others have said but we do not make the effort to see what it really is.
The human brain is becoming closer to computers, but with less efficiency.
Even though ordinary people do not kill and steal, as long as they have not discovered their true nature, they are just puppets stirring heads and arms just to make wind.
Ignoring true Nature of eternity is not really living.
The human being always refers to his memory and only repeats in a loop the information that is written there. Since this information has no existence of its own, what is repeated can only come from the graveyard of thoughts, which makes this human non-human and non-living.
It is said that to be human is to possess qualities such as true courage, true generosity and true kindness, to be patient, attentive, present to oneself and to others. Do not lie or lie to others, be afraid of life or be afraid of death.
You can not meet this kind of person too often.
Those who do not have these qualities united in them only say lies and think of useless things for the sole purpose of making themselves known to others.
To see the Nature of things is to see the Whole. It is not only seeing what suits us and only what we want to see.
Sometimes, while I let the Source of visions flow on paper, I despair, knowing that the beings are reading but that their Heart remains closed forever.
Religions, spiritualities, philosophies are only intellectual masturbations as long as the Heart remains closed.
But if the Heart opens, then the sun joins the moon and fire floods the water.

How to open your heart? Walking with his feet in the entire Universe.

But what’s the point in talking about it again?