Thinking must think itself without a thinker

I have always taught the posture of the Buddha as the instantaneous and unswerving realization of our original Spirit. And even if there exists many schools, gurus and masters who teach all sorts of dharmas, you must remember only this :
When thoughts appear, do not entertain them, allow them to re-create ceaselessly according to the circumstances. If you categorize or entertain thoughts, you create a line with a beginning and an end, in other words, with a birth and a death.
The spirit that is available and unoccupied, has, itself, no beginning and no end.
Thinking must think itself without a thought or a thinker. Our Nature is entirely empty and our Spirit limitless. It’s in It that awakening takes root.
During zazen each breath is experienced as a dot and each thought as a dot. When each word, each thought and each action are lived this way, then your Palace of treasures illuminates each existence in all directions.