The spirit doesn’t understand who Buddha is

The great illusion the great deception, is to live
unconscious of our own Spirit, this Spirit which was there
long before our birth.
Everyone talks about “awakening”, “realization”,
“illumination”, sudden or gradual,
of “authentic satori”… Qualifications that abound in
countless books and ancient texts. But before everything
else, we should know that awakening is born from the
Spirit, takes root there and actualizes itself in and by the
Why say it actualizes itself rather than realizes itself ?
Because all beings are endowed with the pure Spirit of
Essence, therefore awakening is nothing but the
actualization of our own original Nature. When the Spirit
operates freely, naturally, awakening then realizes the
Essence within its Essence.
Since the Spirit is, in essence, free from all things,
there is nothing to grasp, nothing on which to lean or to
reside. Neither subjective nor objective.
One will be able to use designations such as “Buddha”
or “God”, but it will always be about your own Spirit and if
you are wrong about the Buddha, you will be wrong about
your original Spirit.
One does not access the original Nature by
knowledge, the intellect, the mental, study or practices
whatever these may be. Comprehension itself does not
lead to awakening, any more than non-comprehension
leads to delusion. In fact, it is this spirit that does not
understand who Buddha is.