The Magic of the Fourth Vision

There is no greater magic than magic of the words. Words have phenomenal power.
Words are the source of wars, disagreements and misunderstandings.
The words spoken are transmitted like a contagious disease.
Philosophers transmit the words of Socrates, Plato, Anaxagoras, Diogenes or Epicurus, Christians transmit the words of Jesus and the gospels, Buddhists those of Nagarjuna, Kumarajiva or Dogen.
There are the words which illuminate beings and those which destroy them.
The power of words must be taken into account.
In the past, people were invited to “turn their tongue seven times in their mouth before speaking”.
Old masters speak from silence and not from ideas.
Let’s not let our old memory full of bad habits get carried away.
Leaving a space between thoughts allows our words to be fresh and new.
They do not carry resentment, greed, lies, repetition, appearances or judgment.
When we speak from thought, what has just been said has been thought twice. This is what I call repetition.
We must speak from the silence of thoughts, so words are pure.
But for that, the heart must be purified from all ideas of obtaining, all lies, all appearances and all goals. It is only given to those who are deeply sincere in their Way.
This is called the wisdom of the Heart.
But for most people, thought is before speech. It is then thought that produces Magic. In this case, the thought can become harmful because it is capable of strategies, obscure shenanigans and multiple lies.
There are also double magicians who say the opposite of what they think. Why are they doing this? To get the object of their desire, to show others another side of who they really are?
The world is full of all kinds of magicians and conjurers.
We take arrogant attitudes, noble or humble, while the serpent of lies moves around the heart.
The attitude of the body, thought and speech condition our everyday life. Human beings are the only species on earth and in the sky to lie so much by making the three bodies slaves to their own magic.
Being natural and being a real man is not given to everyone.
Even those who work from morning to night are just lazy because they don’t do anything real for themselves, they just pass on their lies to other liars.
But the world is like this.
“Every man for himself” and “everyone at home” is the great motto of a civilization in full decline. The blind pursue this work out of collective unconsciousness.

Earthworm coiled on bare stone
Make the heart of the mountain beat.