The intelligence – part one

The human being thinks he is the most intelligent and evolved of all species living on the earth, in the air and in the water.
Yet it is the human species that is the most destructive of all other species.
Moreover, it is the only one to develop pride, vanity, malice, jealousy, greed and many other faults of which it is not even aware.
It is not only dolphins and elephants that are endowed with consciousness and intelligence.
All beings live in a dimension to which man has no access by language, knowledge, experience, or wisdom, however profound it may be.
Some Buddhist traditions claim that animals are reincarnations of bad people who have committed crimes. What absurdity and what imagination! How can one bring so much stupidity into the mind?
If all existences possess the Nature of the Buddha, then what fundamental difference is there between the animal kingdom and the egocentric super kingdom of the human?
Do animals from the three spheres, earth-sky-water, need a smartphone to live? Do they need a bank account, a car, a plane, a washing machine and other things?
For four centuries, the English pursued the Indian nations living in peace.
For those Englishmen who had become American, the natives were only animals, savages that had to be transformed into good Christians or exterminated.
So I ask the question: Who of the two was the wildest: the exterminating white man or the native?
Then all those who have not been exterminated, all those whose lands have been stolen, have been penned on reserves, reserves that still exist as I write.

If what some Buddhists claim is true, these human monsters should be reborn in the skin of an animal to pay for their misdeeds. In reality, this rebirth would not be a punishment but a liberation.
No human being can be reborn in an animal form except perhaps that which would defend this thesis.
Imagine a Stalin or Hitler taking the form of a doe as punishment?

We must take care of our brothers and sisters, regardless of their shape or size. For this, we must open our hearts to all living forms. And even if it is a stone, we must respect it in the same way as our dress, our Kesa or our sandals.
Some think that is sentimentalism. Yet none of these thinkers would want a giant to take his precious life.
Nobody wants to be tortured or killed. It is the same for the smallest insect. He is looking for happiness too and has the right to live just like us.