The intelligence – part two

What is intelligence? What is wisdom? Where does intelligence begin and where does wisdom end?
These are just discriminatory notions.
If man stopped categorizing, hiding behind truths, destroying his landmarks by exposing himself and opening his whole heart, then he would become a man.

Finally what is a man image of himself? It’s only 80 kg of meat, flesh, hair and blood. Does not that look like an animal?
Why give yourself so much importance?
When death comes, all this matter and all these consciousnesses will fall into dust.
What’s the point, then, to make as much history about the human? Who does he think he is?
Also, I pity blind people who think that death puts an end to everything and that we must therefore enjoy life to the fullest.
I also pity those who think that death does not exist and do nothing to free themselves from their past memory.
Finally, I pity the whole of humanity to be so vain, so proud and so egocentric.
One does not escape his memory and his actions because the memory is eternal.

I beg you to listen less to your head and to rely more on your heart.

May my words not be vain.
May my prayers reach your hearts