The heart in ruins

You should know that your behind is not there just so that you can defecate or sit on a kapok cushion.
It is through your behind that faith is born and the Awakening manifests itself.
Because, to let it manifest itself, one must be deeply rooted in the guts of the earth and the heights of abysses.
Sitting means taking root and bearing fruit without making branches or leaves.
You have distanced yourselves from nature, from the spirit of trees, birds and animals. You have turned your back on the spirit of wind, water, fire and air. You have hardened your heart with too many words and thoughts.
Now, your own Nature is corrupted.
You continue to sit between walls of concrete and to create a colorful artificial world of spirituality and false awakenings.
In the past, trees spoke to men, and men used to see God in all things.
Now you only imagine God without ever feeling the Presence.
Even in the presence of an elder (Master), you do not use the fruit of his Heart in order to reach your own.
The Great Mystery is at your door and you open the window.
The water flows and you only see water.
The spirit of nature has always taught us what we do not know, but we use that nature only to satisfy our incessant desires.
So what good is talking about the great Mystery with those who see the world only through the cemetery of their past knowledge?

People accumulate material and spiritual wealth while their heart is in ruins.
Hopefully one day …