The Harmony

The idea of ​​weakness is an illusion.
The idea that “we can’t” is an illusion.
Humans have the power to return their purity
To streams, rivers and oceans.
The river of the spirit goes to its source,
There is no other path.
Everything comes from the source
And at no time did we separate from her.
This source contains all waters, all existences.
Monks, do not invent harmony outside of nature.
The harmony of the world is beauty, noise, flexibility,
Hardness, happiness, pain, sickness and death.
But we prefer to invent harmonies
Which are only the projections of a selfish and purely human idealism.
The most beautiful harmony is the acceptance of what there is.
As soon as one seeks harmony outside of there is, it is disharmony.
Do not be idealistic, do not hope and do not regret anything.
When the river flows, it does not hope to go to the sea
And doesn’t regret being a stream.
When the river flows, it is source and ocean.
It is everything at the same time.
In reality, it does not come from anywhere and does not go anywhere.
It flows in a whole without beginning or end.
And since the nature of water is everywhere, it is not born more than it dies.
So it is with our mind.
The nature of the mind is everywhere, do not look at the tip of your nose.