The great faith

Most human beings stray into the sterile thoughts of the mind by imagining a spirituality based on morality, discipline and achievements of all kinds, firmly convinced that this is “walking on the great Path of the Patriarchs of the past”. However, their hearts are not pure enough to reach the great Reality and the liberation of all suffering. For it is through the Heart that one reaches the Heart and not through exercises or mental thought.
All these new meditations that attract so many people are only ephemeral practices that only add confusion to already well-established illusions.
The Great Way does not depend on anything that is human. It does not depend on kindness, concentration, morality, merit and especially not meditation.
We must not just sit down. One must sit with faith in the Spirit. If this faith is absent, the Heart can not be grasped.
In the past, great warriors died with faith. In reality, they would not die because the Heart is not of this world.
As long as we do not reach the Heart, we remain an ordinary being subject to the vagaries of purely human ideas and convictions. We are then at the mercy of those who have learned to chain others to better possess and take their money. The world is full of imposters with beautiful mouths and words learned, brilliant, logical that take humble attitudes, affable and smiling.
The reason, the philosophy, the techniques of well-being and the perfect meditations of today have been right for those who walk beside their Heart without ever knowing it.
The beings only feed their egoism without even realizing it.
We protect ourselves, we save ourselves, we hide cowardly his fears to better appear in the eyes of others released, wise and quiet. But no one can escape the Eye of the Heart.
We can always continue to lie to ourselves and to lie to others but will come the time when we will inevitably face each other. Lamentations, regrets and crying will then be of no use.
If the Heart is loaded with all the human vanities that we ourselves have created, earth and heaven will remain forever separate.

To penetrate the Heart of the Way does not depend on us but on the extraordinary faith that animates us.
And this faith depends on the great determination and the great desire to seize the Heart.