Only silence counts. Silence is the flower of ultimate reality.
Dharmas are not permanent and will never express a real body. All dharmas are only tools used to bring the student to his nature and to silence. All Dharmas and truths are impermanent. They are the emanation of the only source, so there is no point argue over truths and dharmas. It’s like a saw arguing with a hammer. All phenomena are tools.
When we finally all return to the source there are no more differences, neither dharmas or conflicts. From silence, phenomena are born, they make a little noise and come back to the silence. Phenomenon born of sources always remain the source. The wave born of the ocean is the whole ocean. Phenomenon Man, born of a source, the Original Buddha, is always a source, he is always a Buddha.
So why does he feel that he is lost? Because of the will, movement and thought, this phenomenon has created “I”. I took possession of the entire Buddha-Man to make him a separate phenomenon called man. All consciousness became addicted to this “I” and the whole body-mind became his property. When the “I” encounters some problems, it starts looking for answers, asking the question “what is me?” It begins its search for himself. However, it doesn’t know that it has to leave yourself to find yourself. Until “I” is looking for himself, asking himself, it can’t reach the source. Only by losing “I” it discovers its real face. The source itself is “I” but free from the duality of object and subject. Free of the six poisons of the mind and selfishness.
My dear friends. Only silence matters. Dharmas are there to teach us silence.