Eternal present

The time which is here is the eternal present. Apart from this eternal present, there is no past, no present, no future.
Time is only a measure for man. The supreme identity of the three times, past, future and present, resides in the Time that is now. The life mode of these three times is therefore the appearance of the dynamic time established conventionally by human beings.

What is immortal is beyond the appearance of time. There is no relation between the “I” and what is timeless. What is timeless cannot be captured in the net of time. It is only when identification to “mine” and “other” ends, that there is immortality.

We fear death because our habits and desires seek continuity to reach their fulfillment. But this knows no end because fulfillment will always look for more fulfillment. Desire is always looking for more objects in order to realize itself and so, it engenders continuity. But if each desire is understood at its source, as it arises, it comes to its end and there is renewal. It can be the renewal of a new desire, but that doesn’t matter. If you continue and put an end to each desire, if you extinguish it, then you will see that, from this ending, emerges from moment to moment, a renewal which is not the renewal of the desire but the renewal of truth, and a state of being, beyond time.

But by zazen, this happens naturally, unconsciously and automatically, without effort or will. Everything is equalized in “Reality such as it is.”