Dharma is life and the teaching of life.
Studying Dharma therefore, means studying yourself as well as all the Buddhist methods and teaching, that invite us to clarify existence.
Studying Dharma is not about obtaining knowledge, but about transforming one’s own life, even if, in concrete terms, we have to study texts and scripts.
If the relationship with the master is not right, the Dharma will not flourish.
Dharma is the teaching of liberation.
The Sitting is not a method or a technique but an attitude, attitude of standing already in liberation.
The “me”, the ego, is illusory and this illusion is the source of all human problems.
To put an end to this illusion, to extinguish the ego, to abandon it, to free oneself from it definitively puts an end to all misfortune, unhappiness, uneasiness to live, dissatisfaction, disappointment, nostalgia, and everything in between.
Whatever it is, it’s not an ego of mine.
Whatever it is, this is not mine and I am not it.
In all human existence there is a possibility of transcendent Knowledge, which is Knowledge beyond mental, dialectical, intellectual, rational, discriminative knowledge.
This “power”, which is beyond the psyche, indefinable, unspeakable, impossible to describe; can awaken and become a force, which makes you see the illusion of phenomena, therefore the illusion of the self. This force gives access to the Unconditioned, to the Absolute, to the total abandonment of all phenomenon, and therefore of the illusory ego, and shows the
definitive exit from all misfortune.
It means: understanding exactly what Dharma is and what you are yourself.