Dharma – part two

No one can really realise the marvelous, precious character of Dharma until one has understood oneself.
If one does not realise that human existence, which is ours, is something quite exceptional, we cannot appreciate Dharma for all the value it has.
You can find victims and culprits all your life, complain about the unfair society you live in, and fall asleep with a heavy heart because you feel helpless.
Or you can take action.

You can accept, that the suffering does not come from the outside but from within the mind of each of us.
If you accept this observation, you agree to work on yourself so that the suffering disappears from your life. If you wake up in a bad mood one morning, you will see evil and obstacles everywhere around you and you will be annoyed driving your car.
Conversely, if you get up in a good mood and serene, life will seem bright and serene.
As soon as you put your foot on the ground, do not leave the feeling of walking on the ground, stay present at any event and do not stray from what you are doing.

There is a way out, and that way out is you.