Clouds in bloom

A spirit is a place, where there is nowhere to stay,
A house is a place, where thousands dreams dance.
My life is like a wild flower,
Where the lonely and poor hearts gather.
The gifts of old age are rich and deep like colors of autumn.
Whoever approaches it without fear, redeems eternal pollen.
To be seated on Earth, is to be capable of an enlightened and intimate thought.
The less agitated we are, the more the rainbow of wisdom crowns us.
My thoughts are written in the form of clouds,
But my words are still to come.
The richest man is the one who can give the most.
We pay homage to Earth and heaven by giving
Because it’s better to have a little of what is good,
Than to own a lot of what is not.
The most fragile flowers make their way and grow
In the middle of the hardest stones.
The moonlight leaves no imprint on the forest.
We will pass without noise too…