Actualize what you have always been

To say the truth, I have nothing to offer you, in the same way that the sun has nothing to offer the sun.
I have shown you the posture of zazen which my own Master showed me, so that you will actualize what you have always been.

Once comfortably seated in the posture, let the body relax, shoulders released. Become “one” with the breathing, but not in a continuous way. Let the inspiration run its course and then disappear. Let the expiration run its course and then disappear.
Leave the spirit aside by not participating in the actions of the thoughts. So, this way, they come and wear out freely.
Do not look for any particular state of mind. Become one with the posture and the breathing. The spirit will then calm down of its own accord, becoming lucid and clear.

When, suddenly, clouds unveil the transparent sky of the Reality, you discover that both subject and object are “you” and, this way, you obtain the mysterious, inexpressible comprehension.